Morning Redemption

My last 24 hours featured a lot of yo-yo behavior. I ate a huge amount of lasagna yesterday at lunch, drank a Coke in the afternoon, and tried to self-correct by eating a little bit of chickpea salad with cucumber slices for dinner.

Things took a nasty turn after I took my nightly Lunesta, apparently.

Sometime during the night, I slept-ate two (maybe even three) pumpkin spice cupcakes my sister left at my house over the weekend. My heart sank this morning when I saw the cupcake wrappers in the trash. I’ve had a few months free of the sleep-walking and sleep-eating that some people experience on Lunesta, and I am disappointed to see this side effect once again rear its ugly, sleepy little head.

Full of cake and frosting and generally disgusted with myself, I broke out my trusty old South Beach Diet cookbook this morning and flipped to the well-worn first page of Phase 1 recipes. Luckily, the husband and I are always sorta on the South Beach diet, so we often have a lot of Phase 1 recipe ingredients hanging around.

I began with breakfast – a Cheesy Frittata (picture below). While the frittata ingredients simmered and the broiler heated, I chopped up the ingredients for today’s lunch – the Greek Salad.

For snack number one, I cut up half a red bell pepper. I grabbed a wedge of light swiss Laughing Cow cheese to eat with the bell pepper and a stick of light Sargento mozzarella string cheese to eat for my second snack of the day.

When everything was cooked, cut up and put in containers, I piled my two meals and two snacks into a cooler, got ready for work, and headed out.

I might look silly toting a cooler into the office, but it’s better than racking up the calorie count with the junk easily available in my office breakroom. (Also, the cooler gives people something to whisper about: “Does she have beerin there?!” I wish.)

I’m considering today Day #1 of South Beach Diet, Phase 1. I’ve never made it through this two-week phase without cheating. I’m hoping the accountability inherent in keeping this blog will make a difference.

And tonight, I’ll have the husband stow sweets and peanut butter out of my reach. If I sleep-eat tonight, let’s hope I grab a stick of celery and not two (or three) cupcakes.

Cheesy Frittata

2 thoughts on “Morning Redemption

  1. I had no idea that you were a sleep-eater…that must be so frustrating. Does it only happen when you take Lunesta? Anyway, thanks for the recipes–they look amazing and I plan to try them when I return home from my vacation. You have much better self-control than I do, especially when it comes to exercise.

  2. For me the hardest part is not cheating too. I get started on a healthy eating plan, cooking at home, snacking on fruits and vegetables, but then a week into it I start to wane. I cheat, I eat out and then all the good I did goes away. I fall into the unhealthy eating habits, and it’s hard to break away. I hope that I can follow your blog so I can continue to be motivated and not revert to the unhealthy ways.

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