Charting for Success

“We have really been sucking it up lately,” I told the husband on our way home tonight in stop-and-go Sunday evening Metroplex traffic.

It’s true. We haven’t been to church together in a long while, we are behind in holiday preparations, and we haven’t been working out and eating right.

Maybe the sun setting so early these days has got us down, or maybe it’s that neither of our beautiful foster cats have been placed in permanent homes – whatever it is, I’m ready to kick the motivation killer’s ass out of our lives.

So I charted out the next five days’ worth of diet and exercise for both of us. Each day of the week has its own color page. On the mornings the husband does cardio, I do strength training; on the days he does strength training, I do cardio. We follow nearly the same snack and meal plan (due to Thanksgiving, we probably won’t be as strict this week as I hope to be the week after).

These are hanging up in order in our kitchen. Hopefully we’ll hold ourselves more accountable to early-morning workouts and healthy (primarily South Beach Diet-based) meals.

Happy charting. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Charting for Success

  1. Sounds like a plan….having some order in daily routines can make a big difference. Personally, I have always found this time of year to be naturally chaotic and a struggle to keep up with the daily chores.

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  3. These charts are a great idea. Having them up and seeing them daily should really help you stick to a healthy eating plan, I seriously neeed to make some of my own.

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