Weight Loss Journey: Grumpy, Chubby Kitty Edition

We’re currently preparing to have guests stay with us this weekend (yay St. Patrick’s Day parade & related festivities!), so in the absence of time, here’s a little picture post for y’all.

My cat Chelsea and I have gained weight together during the last 5+ years. When we rescued her in 2007, she was seriously underweight. Of course we proceeded to give her whatever she wanted. Now she’s rather large (I say that with all the love in the world, and with the knowledge that Maine Coons are quite large anyway). I, however, don’t have an excuse for my corresponding weight gain, as I was not a hungry stray looking for love and an endless supply of food. I just got overweight because I, well, did.

Here’s a pictorial account of Chelsea’s steps toward accepting her full figure.

One: Admit you have a problem?

Excuse me, what? You want ME to lose weight?

Excuse me, what? You want ME to lose weight?

Two: Dismissal

Chelsea waiting for food to fall in the kitchen

I don’t care about my weight. I’m just going to wait for some food to fall here in the kitchen.

Three: Take a good, hard look at yourself.

OK, so maybe it's a little hard to, you know, sit up on my own.

OK, so maybe it’s a little hard to, you know, sit up on my own.

Four: Take action.

Work those abs

Work those abs

Do a little yoga

Do a little yoga

Five: Always relax after a workout.

Chelsea laying on back

I’m exhausted.

Six: Refuel.

Umm, hello?

Umm, hello?

Seven: Get some fresh air.

I love eating grass.

I love eating grass.

Eight: Relapse.

Screw your workouts, mom.

Screw your workouts, mom.

Nine: Accept who you are – an eating machine.

Mmmm ham.

Mmmm ham.


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey: Grumpy, Chubby Kitty Edition

  1. They don’t like running on a leash, but we have had cats who were OK with walking on a leash. This particular chubby kitty likes to meander around outside, but definitely not on a leash.

  2. PS: One suggestion from our vet (and many others actually) that was very helpful. Only put food out at mealtimes and after an hour, remove it until the next meal time.That way, cats enjoy their food more, not smelling it all day long and don’t overeat. I don’t know if this will be helpful but hope it is. 🙂

    • Thanks! We already feed her a very limited amount of food, twice a day, and never leave food out all day for grazing. She’s lost a little bit of weight but definitely not enough. Hope Mr. Cheddar’s doing better than her lol.

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