Bored at Work

Note: This post’s draft was actually written FOUR YEARS ago when I still kept up the blog regularly. I have updated it to reflect my memory of that time but still maintain its original purpose.

When I first started this post, I was still a technical writer at an IT firm. That particular day, I got one of the worst things you can get at work: BORED.

My boredom is not from lack of work to be done. There was work to do, but technical writing for an IT firm isn’t always a thrill ride. When I first began writing this post, I remember having spring fever and wanting to be out walking in the 70-degree North Texas weather, sitting on my back porch with a book, or drinking a cocktail on the patio of some downtown Dallas restaurant. All of these wants + the boredom seemed to manifest themselves in a terrible case of the munchies, as I recall. Needing a change of scenery, I leave my drab closet-sized office nook in pursuit of something to do.

While I could’ve easily gone outside for a 10-minute lap around the building, I walked to the break room and snacked. Later, I snacked some more.

So I did a little research on boredom eating.

According to a Psychology Today article, eating out of boredom may indicate a more serious problem called anhedonia. This condition is characterized by an impaired ability to enjoy pleasurable things. People who suffer from anhedonia lean toward higher rates of pleasurable activities like eating. I don’t life to think I have anhedonia in its truest form, but there is no denying I snack in order to break up the monotony of my workday – especially in the last couple of years during which I’ve worked from home. All those hours at home gave me ample time alone, and even during the busiest work hours I was essentially alone and often bored. The important thing it to catch it. I think lots of people eat to pass time – maybe they’re lonely, or even just staring straight at the TV at the end of the long day.

If you think you may suffer from anhedonia, seek help from a medical professional. It could indicate major depression and even schizophrenia, according to the sources I’ve read. Try to note the times you’re eating when you’re not hungry. If you’re eating when you’re not hungry – mindless eating, when bored – take a close look at things.

As always, take care of yourself.

Much love,


Articles & Resources:

I’m Bored, Therefore I Eat – Psychology Today



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