A Berry Good Morning

I look forward to the mornings now.

Those first couple weeks during my back surgery recovery (I’m four weeks post-op tomorrow!), the husband stayed home to take care of me and I got a Silk yogurt*, granola, and fresh berries breakfast every morning.

Now that I’m up & about on my own, I’m sticking with that breakfast. I can’t wait for mornings now!


*Silk does not advertise on this blog, and I do not gain anything financially from mentioning Silk. I simply no longer eat yogurt made with dairy.

A Current View

I’m working on some other stuff today, but I wanted to post this photo before I moved on to my other tasks.  Continue reading

Bored at Work

Note: This post’s draft was actually written FOUR YEARS ago when I still kept up the blog regularly. I have updated it to reflect my memory of that time but still maintain its original purpose.

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I’m back.

Hey y’all.

So, it has been four years.

Four years since I’ve written a post for this blog or even signed in to it.

That’s a damn shame. Continue reading

Guest Post: Banishing Post-Pregnancy Baby Weight

Editor’s note: I’ve never been pregnant, so I am unable to write about post-baby weight with any authority. A friend from high school was generous enough to write a blog post on this topic for me. She has three babies and lives in the Syracuse, NY area. Enjoy her wonderful post about battling the baby weight! – ATH

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BMI, BMR, Be My Mathematician Please?

Lately, I’ve pursued the frightening task of figuring out my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and what it means to my daily calorie burn and calorie intake. With the help of a friend who is a nutrition major graduate and bariatric nurse in training, I think I’ve figured it out. So, here goes.

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The Seven Most Sinister Gym-Goers

I’m working on a substantial post that involves quite a bit of math, so while I’m putting that together, here’s a little fluff post about a topic that’s much on my mind because, well, I’m confronted with it often.

The gym is a hot mess, literally and figuratively. Continue reading

For the Pregos out there – Celebrity Edition

Apparently, maternity yoga is the royal answer to keeping pregnancy weight at bay (not that Kate Middleton had to worry much about pregnancy weight gain, considering she was a stick figure to begin with).

Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Yoga

Weight Loss Journey: Grumpy, Chubby Kitty Edition

We’re currently preparing to have guests stay with us this weekend (yay St. Patrick’s Day parade & related festivities!), so in the absence of time, here’s a little picture post for y’all.
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