A Berry Good Morning

I look forward to the mornings now.

Those first couple weeks during my back surgery recovery (I’m four weeks post-op tomorrow!), the husband stayed home to take care of me and I got a Silk yogurt*, granola, and fresh berries breakfast every morning.

Now that I’m up & about on my own, I’m sticking with that breakfast. I can’t wait for mornings now!


*Silk does not advertise on this blog, and I do not gain anything financially from mentioning Silk. I simply no longer eat yogurt made with dairy.


A Current View

I’m working on some other stuff today, but I wanted to post this photo before I moved on to my other tasks.  Continue reading

I’m back.

Hey y’all.

So, it has been four years.

Four years since I’ve written a post for this blog or even signed in to it.

That’s a damn shame. Continue reading

Sick and working out?

Like many people, I’ve been sick a lot so far this year, and all those colds have really taken their toll on my fitness routine. As in…I just don’t freakin’ feel like working out if a simple task like climbing the stairs to my third-floor apartment makes me tired when I’m sick.

sick pup Continue reading

Charting for Success

“We have really been sucking it up lately,” I told the husband on our way home tonight in stop-and-go Sunday evening Metroplex traffic.

It’s true. We haven’t been to church together in a long while, we are behind in holiday preparations, and we haven’t been working out and eating right.

Maybe the sun setting so early these days has got us down, or maybe it’s that neither of our beautiful foster cats have been placed in permanent homes – whatever it is, I’m ready to kick the motivation killer’s ass out of our lives. Continue reading

Morning Redemption

My last 24 hours featured a lot of yo-yo behavior. I ate a huge amount of lasagna yesterday at lunch, drank a Coke in the afternoon, and tried to self-correct by eating a little bit of chickpea salad with cucumber slices for dinner.

Things took a nasty turn after I took my nightly Lunesta, apparently.

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On the Yo-Yo

Weight cycling. I believe that is the technical term for yo-yo dieting, which is characterized by weight loss and regain over a period of time.

Under either name, yo-yo dieting is something I think many of us have experienced – maybe we gained weight in college, only to lose it after graduation (either because we made the effort to lose it, or because we were poor and hungry). Perhaps we lost some weight to prepare for a wedding, then gained it back after we married.

I’ve done all of the above, plus some.

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