I’m back.

Hey y’all.

So, it has been four years.

Four years since I’ve written a post for this blog or even signed in to it.

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The Nagging Nurse

scale-weight-surprise-348wy071910As mentioned yesterday, I made a weight management appointment at my doctor for this morning. I made the appointment because I felt remorseful about my eating behavior yesterday and in general feel down-and-out over my sluggish weight loss.

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The Physician Face-off

“You were losing weight – what happened?”

That’s what I heard this morning at my monthly weight management check-in, when my doctor’s scale revealed I gained three pounds since my visit last month.

Unfortunately, I was asked the same question by my doctor’s physician assistant last month, when I had gained two pounds since my September visit.

Obviously, I’m experiencing an unwelcome weight gain.

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