I’m back.

Hey y’all.

So, it has been four years.

Four years since I’ve written a post for this blog or even signed in to it.

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The Ex Factor

I don’t do very well with ex-boyfriends. In the words of Miranda in Sex and the City, “We didn’t work out, you need to not exist.”

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Man, am I glad that’s over.

This morning, I dragged myself to the gym. la-fitness

My first morning workout in – well, a long time – felt great. I rose at 5:30 a.m. and spent the next two hours faffing about, avoiding getting ready for the gym and actually going.

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Less Than Five Months – Can I Do It?

In less than five months, Jason and I are slated to join the maternal side of his family for several days on the Frio River. Tubing, staying in a cool house, some days off work – what could be wrong with that?

from friocountry.com

from friocountry.com

My body, that’s what.

Jason comes from a family of attractive ladies. His aunts, his mom, his cousins, his sister are all small women. His sister and female cousins have great bodies. I’ve already been overweight around this family most of the time I’ve known them. Is that how I want to be memorialized in photos? Not at all.

So, what can I accomplish in less than five months?

Here’s my wishlist:

  1. a tummy I’m not ashamed to show in a bathing suit
  2. thighs that don’t send the river into a tidal wave
  3. arms I can show in tank tops

In 16 weeks, I might be able to lose 30 lbs. But to honor my wishlist, looks like I’m going to be hitting not just the treadmill, but the resistance training as well.

LA Fitness, here I come…

Why I Consider Myself an Overeater

As you might know, I have recently attended a couple of Overeaters Anonymous meetings. When I told some people at work that I’ve been to OA, a few shot me side-eye and demanded to know why, even going so far as adding, “Were you the smallest person at the meeting?”

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Post-OA Reflections

After yesterday’s nasty nurse and my regret over breaking my Lenten sacrifice promise, last night’s Overeaters Anonymous meeting was a much-needed outlet. When the night’s featured speaker was done, I was the first to raise my hand and say, “Hi, I’m Angie, I’m a compulsive overeater.”
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The Nagging Nurse

scale-weight-surprise-348wy071910As mentioned yesterday, I made a weight management appointment at my doctor for this morning. I made the appointment because I felt remorseful about my eating behavior yesterday and in general feel down-and-out over my sluggish weight loss.

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Yummy Italian Breakfast

Last night, I posted a vegetarian dinner I made with the help of Land O’ Lakes Saute Express Italian Herb and Quorn Naked “Chicken” Cutlets. Inspired by how tasty the cutlets were when prepared with the Land O’ Lakes – and how fast & easy dinner was made – I went in for a little more for breakfast this morning.



Here’s some images of my Quorn cutlets being prepared with the Land O’ Lakes, mixing them with one scrambled egg and serving with some tomato. And, I have one cutlet left over for dinner tonight!


Quorn chicken cutlets sauteeing with Land O’ Lakes Saute Express – Italian Herb


Mixed in one scrambled egg, which I scrambled with some light mozzarella for little extra taste. I threw the egg in the same pan where I cooked the cutlets, which gave me the chance to toss the egg with all the yumminess in the saute.


Quorn cutlet, scrambled egg and sliced tomato made for a great breakfast!


Day Two: Charting for Success

Today was a day of challenges. I’m coming down with something right before the Thanksgiving holiday, and work was so busy today that we didn’t get to take lunch. So instead of going home to make the salad that I neglected to assemble this morning before work, I ate a 100-calorie pack of pretzels and some Nerds my team won last week during Office Olympics. (Out of nine teams, mine finished next to last. The end of the Olympics and the candy were the highlights of my experience.)

In summary, I went off the chart today. Even after discovering my home scale was sitting on a slant in our apartment floor when I weighed in around 134 lbs. yesterday; when I moved it to level ground this morning, I weighed in at a nine-month high of 138.8 lbs. (the scale in our office breakroom confirmed the latter number).

I find that weight loss is always rife with these little challenges: you don’t feel well, work gets in the way, you have a box of leftover Nerds on your desk.

So how do you stay on track?

While I ponder this question, I’m snacking on my faux chicken sandwich and writing out Christmas cards. Hope everyone is well and ready for buckle their belts for Thanksgiving.

Boca Original “Chik’n” Meatless Patty sandwich

Calorie breakdown for Boca “chik’n’ sandwich:

Boca Original “Chik’n” Grillers – 140

Hamburger Bun (Kroger brand) – 120

Kraft American single, made with 2% milk – 45

Lite Mayo, 2 tbsp – 70 calories

Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon, one strip – 30

Leaf of romaine – appr. 5 calories

Two slices tomato – appr. 8 calories

Sliced red onion – appr. 5 calories


Total: 423 calories

Compare this to:

540 calories in McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich

530 calories in Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich (their Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which is simply lettuce, a chicken patty and a bun with mayo, is 380)

500 calories in hate-mongering Chik-fil-A’s Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

By opting for the Boca “chik’n” sandwich, you’re saving about 80+ calories that you can then spend on nutritious kale chips – and you skip the temptation to get French fries with that!